Wide Field Telecentric Lenses

The “Wide-field” telecentric lenses made by the special 3I srl proprietary procedure, permit a high grade of telecentricity in the apertures up to 1150mm.

The telecentric optics are actually devices able to remove almost completely the parallax effect, creating an image with no perspective distortion ready for software processing.

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Thanks to the 3I L-TVB optics the current tecnologies’ limit is overcome beacuse of its precise measurement on one tenth of milimeter of the objects even meters long. For the first time the lens’ application field has been extended to the automatic measurement systems in the furniture industry.


Why choosing a telecentric lens?

The main reason is for having images with no perspective, which means::

  • Taking a picture from above of two panels of the same length and width but different depth, they appear of the same dimension. The thicker panel doesn’t appear bigger, inspite of being closer to camera.
  • A cylinder appeares as a perfect circle from above, no matter if it’s positioned on the side or in the center of the shot; its dimensions are exactly of the same size as those of its circular base, no matter the height.
Image acquiring with the traditional lenses
Image acquiring with the telecentric lenses

Inside the pantended system a linear camera is used together with a cylindric “Wide field” lens and this way acquires images with no perspectival parallax and a very low level of distortion.  Another advantage is the possibility to use a single camera in a small space , simplyfing the procedures of calibration, maintenance and calculus by software.

The telecentric lenses tecnology is recent and expanding. Its important application is in the furniture  sector for measuring the shutters and panels on the assembly chain for the just-in-time production.

Download here the informative brochure for furniture industry.

There’s an important innovation as compared to systems used for measurements by now: this system is fast, easy to install, low cost and reliable for an indipendent control of the thickness of the panel.


A sample of panel. Presence, position and dimension control of drillings has to be done.


Acquiring the panel image by a traditional system: the inside edges of drillings are visible. This way they’re hard to get recognized by software.


Acquiring the panel image by the telecentric lens system: the edges of drillings are not visible. The dimension of the panel in not influenced by its thickness.