3I – Impresa Ingegneria Italia:


Products made for integration and micrometric positioning of sensors, lasers and cameras. The laboratory instruments’ precision is now available for the industrial sector.


The wide-field telecentric lenses with an innovative tecnology patent by 3I: up to 1000mm of aperture.

Image Processing

Software tools for image processing: measurement systems, quality control, colour control.

3I: Our Mission

3I – Impresa Ingegneria Italia Srl. Our goal is to create products that make tecnology perform a precise and specific tasks:

  • Optimizing production process thanks to systems of dimensional, qualitative and identification control.
  • Collecting and managing information regarding the product as well as its production.

These elements avoid errors in managing lots, provide production monitoring, improve the production quality. They can also diagnose possible problems before the product delivery or create virtual catalogs.

We imagine the vision systems as elements able to simplify the work to the companies and improve the efficiency of the production methods, optimizing the production and sales.

3I: What we do

We’re dedicated to visul systems’ project, development and realization. Our constant research of innovative solutions has alredy produced the first important goal which is the international patent for a wide field telecentric lense.

Research and development are of fundamental importance for us. We design tecnologically advanced systems suitable for industrial systems. Our products and services infact regard Indutry 4.0.

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